My research topics include:

I am especially interested in all kinds of dynamic languages (primarily in Smalltalk, Self, Scheme and Prolog). Since I strongly believe that the various dynamic language communities should know what happens in each other's communities I chaired a well-attended Dynamic Languages Symposium, co-located with OOPSLA. Dynamic Languages Unite!

What I did Previously

The first two years as postdoc at SCG I mainly worked on the PECOS project. We developed a component model for a particular kind of small embedded devices (called field devices). Special about this component model is that allows component compositions to be checked for timing, memory and scheduling requirements.

The topic of my Ph.D. research was to support the co-evolutionary changes between design and implementation (and synchronizing these changes). The basic mechanism to support the synchronization of changes was declarative meta-programming (see the Declarative Meta-Programming pages for more information). The validation of the research was done with Soul, a logic programming language implemented in the object-oriented language Smalltalk. Special about Soul is that it features reflection with Smalltalk. More information about the freely available Soul (including download locations) can be found on the Soul pages (at: or on my Tools page.