I am a principal scientist at IMEC and part-time professor in the Distrinet group at the KULeuven. My main research interest currently lies in the runtime management layer for future high-performance computing hardware, which is why I am involved in the Intel ExaScience Lab. Before that I did research on adaptive runtime resource management of CPU and GPU's, on toolchains for embedded devices (see for example the CleanC tool), in programming language composition (resulting in contributions such as the traits model), and in logic meta programming (for which I devised the SOUL language and applied it co-evolution of software design and implementation). More information on these and other topics can be found on my Research or Publications pages.

Before joining imec I was Associate Professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Département d'Informatique, Lab for Software Composition and Decomposition. Before that I was a postdoc at the Software Composition Group of Oscar Nierstrasz after having gotten my Ph.D. at the Programming Technology Lab under the supervision of Theo D'Hondt.

I am active in the Object-Oriented and programming language communities (resulting in papers in TOPLAS, ECOOP and OOPSLA) as well as in the embedded software engineering area (resulting in papers in IEEE Software or the Journal of Systems and Software). My Publications page has more details on these and other publications.

I served in program commities such as ECOOP'06, ECOOP'07, ECOOP'08, OOPSLA'08, SC'08, Net.ObjectDays, or ESUG, organized workshops like the Workshop on Object-Oriented Reverse Engineering or the DATE'08 Workshop on Software Engineering for Embedded Systems, and reviewed papers for TOPLAS or TOSEM. I was also the organizer of the first Dynamic Language Symposium, colocated with OOPSLA'05.